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Casey Zhang Home Tour

Casey Zhang Home Tour
Tell us about the work you do.

During the day, I work at Etsy as the senior manager of social media. On the side, I’m also collaborating with my friend on his furniture design studio, Studio Snng. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to be at a company that is so passionate about empowering creative entrepreneurs and also work directly with one of the most talented creative entrepreneurs I know.

When did you make the move to New York?

I moved to NY just over four years ago. I lived in Philly for a few years after graduating college in Texas, and I would try to visit NY every weekend and pretend that I lived here. That turned out to be great training wheels for NY because when I finally made the move, the transition felt very comfortable and natural.

What do you look for in a living space? 

Light! I just moved into my apartment a few months ago, and my number one requirement was a lot of natural light. I also really appreciate the blonde bamboo flooring in my apartment because it makes the space feel very open and airy, even though it’s not actually very big.

How have you liked your Floyd bed frame thus far?

I’ve had my Floyd bed for almost two months now and I’m loving it so far. I was searching for a low, minimal platform bed without a headboard, and I loved the simple design of the Floyd frame. The best part is that you never have to make your bed—it looks best messy.

Your apartment is full of interesting furniture, tell us about some of your favorites!

I try to live pretty minimally, so most of the things I have are either functional or plant related. A few of my favorite pieces are the custom built Studio Snng console as well as his series of side tables which I’m currently using as a nightstand and coffee table.

A book you're currently reading? 

I have a bad habit of starting new books before I finish the one I’m on. I’m currently rotating between a biography on the designer Paul Rand, the first of Susan Sontag’s journals “Reborn,” and a nerdy entrepreneurship book call “Small Giants.”

Special thanks to Casey for showing us around her apartment! Check out her Instagram, @caseyzhang!

Photography by Emily Johnston.