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The Platform Bed


  • The design of The Platform Bed was born out of our frustrations with bed frames. How do we make a bed frame that is easy to move? How do we do this without tools, using only a few parts? The Platform Bed solves this problem. This is a demo store. You can purchase these products for real over at Floyd.

  • Real Birch: We utilize all-natural Grade-A birch plywood for our panels, made with care in Virginia. Our panels are CARB-2 certified; our products do not emit any VOC's. It's a timeless material, used for its durability and strength by design pioneers such as Ray & Charles Eames and Alvar Aalto.

    US Steel: The supports are made from cold-rolled, powder-coated US steel. Each steel support is made from a series of 8 bends from a single piece of steel, which reduces waste in the production process.

    Nylon Ratchet Straps: The ratchet straps complete the system, securing the panels and supports for rigidity. No creaking!